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Welcome to Skopje!

This city isn’t safe anymore. Wake up and save it.

What is Skopje?

Skopje is a comic book styled First Person Shooter game with roguelite elements and an open world gameplay. Explore a city thrust into disarray by an unknown event and survive the hordes of mutated abominations that lurk at every corner. You’ll have to fight through enemies & bosses, scavenge loot and survive the hostile city.

You will have some help on your side in the form of your most trusted ally - DOM the jerry-rigged bus. This mobile base will not only keep you safe from enemies, but you can also use it to upgrade your character with the loot you find and drive around as you try to piece together the bits and pieces of what happened to the city and how to save it from annihilation.

Kill, Shoot, Craft & Loot

Every obstacle you face makes you stronger, even if it kills you. Enhance yourself and your weaponry with blueprints that persist between runs.

Dive into a truly brutalist rendition of Skopje

Explore a city full of brutalist architecture based on a real life capital that’s been twisted into a nightmarish hellscape.

Upgrade DOM

No matter how hostile the outside world is, you always have your mobile base in the form of a DOM the bus where you can not only upgrade yourself, but you can also drive it around the city.

corrupted skopje

Ever-changing world, ever-changing playthrough

Every time you die and come back, the city is changed. The enemies are in different locations, the loot is different, and you have to kill your way through the city again. Different roads lead to different challenges.

Uncover the mystery

Skopje has its own unique way of revealing its secrets, with engrossing environmental storytelling that pulls you into a world of alternate history Balkans, occult dealings, retro-futuristic science and more!


As an early access game, Skopje was meant to be developed along with our community though feedback and discussion. Get in touch with us through discord!

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Skopje is developed with ❤️ by Dark-1, a small independent studio based in Macedonia. Learn more about us on our website,

The project is co-financed by the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development
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